Under Eye Bags and Creases After Botox. What are my Options?

I had botox a week ago for crows feet. I've had it many times before but this time I have developed bags and creases under my eyes which make me look tired and self conscious. I don't really want to 'sit it out" for 4 months while the botox wears off. What are the options?

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Bags and Creases Under Eyes Treatment After Botox

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Botox or Dysport when injected into certain muscles relaxes those muscles so the appearance of lines or wrinkles on the face are diminished. In my practice in New York, the most popular areas for Botox placement on the face include the crow's feet lines, frown lines (aka #11s), forehead lines, and corners of the mouth. Consult with your Botox doctor to make sure the bags you describe under eyes are not a result of swelling. If you have under eye bags and creases beneath your eyes due to aging, you may want to consider consulting with a qualified eyelid surgeon (such as myself) for eyelift surgery for the proper treatment of puffy eyes that make you look tired. Depending on your situation, there may also be nonsurgical methods to help with creases and bags under your eyes.

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