How Long Until I See Final Results from Lower Blepharoplasty?

I had a lower blethroplasty 3 weeks ago. how long until they heal? Bluish green lump in one puckering on other and appear to have festoons on cheeks I cant really see to much improvemnt now swelling has gone down considerably. i think the cheek bit looks worse than before, please advise.will they get better over time had the bleth to make me look less tired feel awful and that it was a waste of time. how long till final result and will swelling on cheeks go?

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Have lump examined

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Bruising can last for several weeks, but the majority of it should be gone by now. It appears that your bruising isn’t as apparent anymore so that’s good. However, I am concerned about the lump under your eye. This doesn’t look like it’s normal swelling and should definitely be checked out by your surgeon.

Disappointing Lower Lid Surgery Results

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I regret your situation. AS you can see by the paucity of responses to your questions so do my colleagues. While some bruising may persist as long as yours, there should not be a visible / palpable lump there. The most common cause for such a mass is incomplete to no removal of the side fat pad of the lower lid. But rather than guess what it is I really think you should see your surgeon, have him examine you and advise you how to correct it.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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