Tired to Using Make up to Create Eye Symmetry? (photo)

Hello Doctors! I have had eye asymmetry since I remember myself and it has always been a problem for me. I learned to use makeup to disguise the asymmetry but I am quite tired of it. One eye seems to be smaller and more set back than the other. I realize that it is likely a bone structure problem which could not be fixed without a major surgery which I do not want. What I would like is some way to make eyes "appear" similar, not necessarily similar in placement.

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Asymmetric eyes. Is there a solution?

The only difference that I see in the picture is that your right lower lid is bowing down a bit more that the left. You have bilateral scleral show, but it is a bit worse on the right. You may benefit from bilateral canthopexy more on the right to make them symmetric. You obviously need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon before such decision is made. 

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