Eye Asymmetry-ptosis or Something Else? (photo)

I need to find an ocular specialist-curious as to your opinions? Thanks

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Eyelid Ptosis or Something Else

  Subtle differences in eyelid aperture are the norm.  An exam would be necessary to determine the extent of brow asymmetry, dermatochalasis and ptosis present.  Removal of the skin of the upper eyelid with an upper blepharoplasty may not be a bad idea.

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Factors to Consider Before Ptosis Surgery

It is natural to have 1-2 millimeters difference in the vertical height or in the upper lid height between the two eyes. Some people notice it while some don’t. Take a look at some old pictures and compare if this represents a change in your appearance.


Ptosis or the drooping of the upper or lower eyelid, can be related to eye rubbing, contact lens wear or things which are fairly benign. If it’s something new or if there are other associated symptoms such a double vision or weakness, then a proper ophthalmology or neuro-ophthalmology work-up may be necessary. This will basically rule out the things that could be potentially affecting your health.

Looking at your picture, I do see a difference, but I don’t know if it is significant enough for you to want to pursue a surgical correction. Before I pursue a surgical procedure with my patients, I first take measurements at different times of the day to figure out if it’s worthwhile to pursue the surgery. I recommend that you find an oculofacial plastic surgeon that performs a lot of ptosis surgery to guide you in making your decision. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

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Uneven eyes

with the photo that I have it's a little difficult to give you a solid evaluation and first things first, make sure you get a good evaluation with an ophthalmologist and a good facial plastic surgeon or Oculoplastic surgeon. The volume of your eye socket may be asymmetric and the floor of your eye socket or orbit as we refer to it may be lower on one side versus the other. I'm not sure I see true ptosis here but again you need an in person evaluation to be sure. Part of your workup may require some blood tests and even a CAT scan of the orbits. There are a variety of different surgical options for asymmetry of the eyes some include ptosis repair and some include actual repositioning of the high by changing the volume of your orbit or position of the floor your orbit.


best of luck and I hope that was helpful


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