Recent eye asymmetry. Any idea what's going on?

I understand most people have asymmetrical features, however within the last month or so, my eyes seem to becoming more and more disproportional and more asymmetric, compared to even looking at photos of myself from over a few months ago. I don't have any vision issues but would like to know what is happening and if this is natural or not....

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Recent eye asymmetry. Any idea what's going on?

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It looks like you may have a little early ptosis on the side with the higher brow. See a board certified ophthalmic plastic surgeon for an exam.

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Eye asymmetry

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Your photo is a bit dark and it's possible that a better photo would give more information.  From the photo you provided, I do not see any obvious major asymmetry between your eyes.  You are correct that it is not unusual to have some minor asymmetry between the eyes and of the face, in general.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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