I'm Extremely Worried..Got Hit in the Nose Nine Days After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I just completed rhinoplasty 2 correct asymmetry only 9 days ago Stupidly, I began engaging in high risk activity, and while playing basketball took a relatively hard hit to the nose from the hand of my friend who went up for a rebound. Immediately following the hit my nose began bleeding almost uncontrollably for about five minutes. I got home cleaned it up a bit, and have been applying ice on and off fifteen minutes for nearly an hour and a half. Did I damage it for good or is it just swelling

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Why You Should Not Play Contact Sports 9 Days After Rhinoplasty

Hi Go,

See your rhinoplasty surgeon for follow up, confess about not following post-op orders, and hopefully you will heal normally.  There are many reasons why we ask post rhinoplasty patients to wait 18 to 21 days before resuming heavy exercise.  Good luck and be well, Kobe.

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Hit in nose after rhinoplasty

When I look at your photos it seems that the swelling is not too severe and the tip and bridge are straight. All you can do now is continue to let it heal, apply ice, use elevation, and stick to non-contact activities. Make sure you tell your surgeon what happened next time you go in for a follow-up.

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