I Am Extremely Red 2 Weeks After Faxel Laser Restore Treatment on Chest, What Can I do?

I am still extremely red 2 weeks after 3rd fraxel laser restore on my chest. The first and second treatment went very well with no complications. My skin looked beautiful after the 2nd treatment. After 3rd treatment I had very different results Dr.said he did not increase intensity of laser. Is this redness Normal and will it go away. If not what can I do about this?

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I recommend that you check back with your doctor about your Fraxel Restore Treatment.

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Redness will last a variable amount of time depending on a lot of factor.  If you are hot, exercising, upset or if the skin is dry or irritated or infected it will stay red a lot longer.  I would Recommend good moisturization, 100% sun avoidance and checking back with the doctor who did your procedure if you are concerned.  Usually the redness will gradually fade over a few weeks if you are healed.

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