Extremely Itchy Rash on Face and Neck After Chemical Peel

I have been having a series of chemical peels over the last year to treat severe acne. I schedule the peels at least 6 weeks apart. The last peel, my face did not peel as much as before. It has been about 2 weeks and i had gone to florida and have been in the sun some. I have developed an extremely itch rash on my face and neck. Is this a delayed reaction/allergy to the chemical peel or allergy to the sun? I have an appt with a dermatologist on monday but am dying from the itching?

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Rash on Face and Neck After Chemical Peel

From the description you give, it sounds like you may have a photo-sensitivity eruption (rash from the sun) which is not necessarily related to the chemical peeling. It is possible the chemical peeling made your skin more sensitive to the sun, but many things can cause people to get a rash from the sun such as ingested foods, topical lotions and medications by mouth.  Face and neck are very common areas for photo-sensitivity eruptions and they tend to be very itchy.  I recommend you use a soothing emollient such as Eucerin Calming Creme and some over the counter hydrocortisone cream until you see your doctor on Monday.  

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