Extreme Tightness Around the Ears & Scalp 2.5 Weeks After a Mini-facelift?

I had a mini-facelift 2.5 weeks ago and I still have a very uncomfortable feeling of tightness around my ears and, sometimes, radiating up into my scalp. I'm beginning to get really worried. I can barely function with this constant discomfort. I also have a tendency towards high blood pressure. Can high blood pressure exacerbate the tight feeling around the head? (Everything looks great so I'm not attaching a photo.)Thank you.

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Ear Discomfort After Mini-lift

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The good news is that ear discomfort is a normal sensation after facelift. The bad news is that it will continue for awhile longer but should start to resolve sometime after 6 weeks postop. The pain tends to improve with massage and even the simple act of dealing with the incisions. High blood pressure can result from the discomfort but does not cause it. Concentrate on taking care of your incisions and enjoy how you look- the ear problems will resolve.

Hoover Plastic Surgeon

Tightness 2 Weeks after Facelift

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    Tightness 2 weeks after facelift is not unusual and this may last for months.  Certain techniques and anchoring methods tend to produce this effect, and your surgeon should be better able to address the length of time to expect.  For the facelifts I perform this is not usually an issue, but plastic surgeons use different methods to achieve the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Ear and Scalp Tightness 3 Weeks Post-op Facelift

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It is not uncommon for patients to experience uncomfortable constant tightness in the ears and scalp three weeks after a facelift. However, since you are prone to high blood pressure, I recommend that you have your surgeon or internist check your blood pressure which can contribute to your discomfort. Additionally, your discomfort around the ears can cause a rise in blood pressure. Regardless, if your blood pressure is high, it should be treated under the care of your physician to avoid further problems.

Anita Mandal, MD
Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

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