Extreme swelling 8 days post surgery!! Dr. was even shocked after splint came off. avatar & Beast from Disney!

Hi everyone! I had my surgery on 3/18/14 had an open rhinoplasty to remove a hump & septoplasty. My doctor was even surprised by how swollen i was when he removed the splint & packing. He gave me a shot of something to remove excess fluid. Then he manually put pressure on it and it looked slightly better. I can't even smile properly & when I can a little I morph into a Dr. Suess character. Pls tell me when this will improve & at what rate or that at least I'm not a freak of nature!!!! Thanks

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

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 Swelling after the splint is removed is to be expected and will resolve over time.  The surgeon probably fave you a steroid injection Tom ring down the swelling which was a good ideal. Many patients also complain of discomfort after surgery when they smile.  This will also continue to improve with time.

Extreme swelling after rhinoplasty

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The extreme swelling is unusual. The biggest concern is a  hematoma or seroma (collection of blood or fluid or pus under the skin). If it is just swelling then with time it will go away. If it is not going away and feels doughy then your doctor can stick a needle in it to make sure there is no collection. 
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Rhinoplasty and swelling

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It is very common to be swollen after rhinoplasty.  It can take several months for the swelling to go down. Usually by about 6 weeks about 70-80% of the swelling should be gone, but this can vary.

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Swelling After Rhinoplasty

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Excessive swelling, is possible after rhinoplasty in some patients.  It appears your physician administered a steroid injection to help reduce the swelling.  A five day steroid dose pack will also help to hasten the resolution of some of the swelling.  At this time, apply cold compresses as directed by your physician and allow time for your body to heal.  Good Luck

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