Extreme Redness and Blisters After Fraxel Re-store

I just had my 3rd Fraxel Re-store, settings were highest at 70%. I was warned that I would have more redness this time and maybe a little more discomfort; however, my skin looks like it's been literally burned, I have a few marks that look like blisters and under my eye where you normally would have undereye circles, it's red. Is this normal and what can I put on the blisters, will it heal or leave a scar? I'm using the Neova R2 intense cream for the redness.

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High energy Fraxel

You likely had a treament at an energy setting of 70 J not 70% coverage -- the fraxel laser has as its highest energy setting 70 J but not 70% coverage, the maximum density or coverage is around 48% (meaning about 48% of the skin receives a laser impact).

The higher energy means the laser impact is both wider and deeper in the skin creating a larger wound. This high energy also deposits a lot of heat in the tissue and this can lead to greater wounding than is expected and thus blisters. It sounds as if a large percentage of your skin surface has been affected by the laser. This can lead to slower healing as there is more surface area to heal and less unaffected surface to help with that healing.

I would keep the skin very moist -- use water soaks if needed and follow this with applications of thick emollient cream or ideally ointment like vaseline, aquaphor or elta moisturizer. Do not let any blistered area get dry. Wound healing creams can be helpful but it is most important to keep the area very moist.

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