What Can Be Done with Extreme Excess Skin in the Lower Stomach Area After 2 C-sections? (photo)

I am 24 and a mother of a 2 and 4 year old. I have had 2 C-sections and carried both of my children in my lower stomach. This has caused me to have a large amount of excess skin in my lower stomach area that I have not been able to get rid of. I am plus-sized and haved totally excepted that, but this makes me very uncomfortable and my pants dnt fit right anymore.There is no feeling in most of the area and I have run out of options. Is there anything that can be done,If so, how costly will it be?

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Treatment for Extreme Excess Skin Lower Abdominal Area?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Based on your description,it is very likely that you will benefit from tummy tuck or panniculectomy surgery once you reach your long term weight goals.

These operations will address the “excess" skin and adipose tissue  that  probably folds over the C-section scar.       
It is also very likely that,  with your history of pregnancies and weight gain/loss,  some degree of muscle laxity/separation is present.  A tummy tuck procedure will be necessary to correct this issue as well.

Although I understand that you are “plus size”, it will be in your best interest to reach a long-term stable weight prior to undergoing these operations. Doing so will make these operations safer for you and minimize the chances that further surgery will be necessary in the future.
When the time is right, visit with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons for consultation.
Best wishes.

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