Extremely Bulbous Nose 5 Months Post-op - Normal?

Its been 5 months since I received a septoplasty and small bump reduction (rhino) from a broken nose injury. Its now 5 months after surgery & nose looks about 2x larger than it did before. My nostrils have lost their definition, giving my nose a pushed in bulbous look. I've been reading that it takes about 6mo-1 year to see full results, but my nose has seems to stopped swelling. Is this normal? What should my next course of action be? Thanks

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Persistent swollen nose after rhinoplasty

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I am assuming that your rhinoplasty was done through an open approach. This will cause more swelling and a longer period of time for tip swelling of the nose to go down. Being 5 months after rhinoplasty surgery, while some swelling can still be expected, I would not have anticipated that the tip of your nose would still look 'twice as big as before surgery'. I would go back to your rhinoplasty surgeon and see what he/she has to say. The options at this point are certainly more time and possibly some steroid injections. If the bulbous tip does not eventually become acceptable by one year after surgery, then a revisional procedure should be beneficial.

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