Are Extractions of 2 Upper 1st Bicuspids an Exception for Overbite/protruding Teeth?

I've consulted with several orthos and 2 recommended pulling upper 1st bicuspids and others recommended pulling all 4. I wasn't comfortable with extracting any as it may change my profile. I'm class 2 over Jet with upper protrusion. I have a little bit of a hump of the upper lip because of it and it looks like I'm pouting when I have my mouth closed. Because I am protruding, will the extractions actually benefit me in my case and relieve the hump and won't regret it?

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Extracting bicuspids for orthodontics

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Look for a few more opinions. Try to find an orthodontist who will take on your case without any bicuspid extractions. Extracting bicuspids usually leads to TMJ problems, as well as Sleep Apnea (snoring) and other airway problems down the road.

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