Extraction of teeth (photo)

Hi. I am 45 year old female with and overbite of 7mm. My orthodontist says that I need to extract three teeth (#5, 12, 16) and TAD (vector system - ormco) placement 3.4, 13.14. I would mind extraction of #16, but I am concerned with #5 and #12. Is there any other alternative? or Do I really have to have the teeth extracted?

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Bicuspid Extractions For Orhtodontics

I have no problem with extracting the wisdom tooth (16), but I do not like extracting bicuspids unless it is the only option.  I think that your overjet has been caused mainly due to the fact that you appear to be a tongue thruster.  This has pushed your upper front four incisors out.  Your orthodontist will need to be very careful with the tongue thrusting issue or you could relapse back into an overbite after treatment is finished.  

Houston Dentist
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Alternatives to extracting bicuspids for orthodontics

The DNA Appliance  (epigenetic orthodontics) would enable you to widen the Maxilla to make room to bring the anterior test back and straighter.  There would probably be some forward mandibular movement during the process.  I am always concerned about the possibility of creating snoring or sleep apnea and/or TMJ problems taking out those bicuspids.  I have also seen successful cases but growth is usually preferable to amputation .

Ira Shapira, DDS
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Extraction of Teeth for Ortho

I would suggest getting another opinion from another orthodontist. I don't mind the wisdom tooth extraction, but I am against bicuspid extractions unless there is absolutely no other choice. Bicuspid extractions usually cause norrower arch forms which can result in less than ideal esthetics, as well as TMJ problems and snoring/sleep apnea problems.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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