Is Extraction of 4 Bicuspid Necessary for Me? (photo)

I went to two orthodontists who advice me to extract four teeth to fix my overcrowding and overbites teeth. They said they could also do the non-extraction method, this will correct the crooked teeth but will push the teeth out a little bit further. Please advice me what it the best method in your opinion. Will extraction cause changes in my facial profile. I cannot decide which one to go ahead with. Extraction of four healthy teeth seems daunting to me. Thanks

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To extract or not to extract, that is the question

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Consider proceeding without the extractions, then reevaluating your alignment, bite and profile 9-12 months into treatment. You can always decide to change to extractions later on, but not the other way around. If the degree of teeth flaring, aka protrusion is minor, another option may be to have slenderizing done between your back teeth. Before you get the braces have your dentist take a close look at #30 (lower right first molar), there may be an issue developing around the tips of the roots.

San Ramon Orthodontist

To avoid extractions for orthodontics, seek other opinions.

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Traditional orthodontics has for many years recommended extracting teeth when dental crowding exists.  Then the remaining teeth are straightened.  The crowding typically exists because of a lack of development of the jaw structures.  In recent years more progressive orthodontic approaches use facial orthopedics to increase bones structure to more ideal proportions eliminating the need for extraction of teeth in most  cases.  You can see before and after cases in my profile.  In my new book "Straight Talk about Crooked Teeth",  I present the rational for this type of treatment and present many case histories to show the results.  Seek other opinions, find an orthodontist who performs this type of treatment and you will not need to remove permanent teeth to successfully treat your orthodontic problem.

Extraction Vs. Non-Extraction

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If opt for extraction, then time and cost for orthodontic will be shorter and cheaper. If opt for non-extraction, then the time and cost for the treatment will be longer and more expensive;  a head gear will be needed. Have a doctor look at tooth #30 before doing any ortho. treatment.

Henry Fung, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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