Does Extracting Four Molars Make the Jaw Narrower? (photo)

Hi, I'm 15, female. I want to make the back of my jaw look narrower if viewing from the front. Does extracting four molars make the back of my jaw look narrower? Some grown-ups say it won't work; some say it will. The most Internet blogs say it won't, but they are from personal experience, not from professionals. I'd like to hear your professional opinions. Thank you for your help.

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Extracting Molars or bicuspids with orthodontic treatment will tend to narrow the smile.

Extracting molars or bicuspids with orthodontic treatment will tend to narrow the smile.  If you were my patient I would mildly and slowly expand your upper jaw with a removable appliance called a Schwarz, and include a bite plate with the appliance which could help correct your overbite and allow your lower jaw to move mildly forward.  Then your upper teeth could be brought in slightly with braces or Invisalign (detorqued) and the mild crowding of your lower teeth corrected.  This would give you a very full "movie star" smile and help to eliminate future functional problems such as neck and TMJ Dysfunction, and could even help with your neck problems.  FYI...The X-ray showing your neck indicates significant misalignment (called Cervical Kyphosis) showing a reverse curvature that could be either due to an injury or could have developed from your overbite.  Dr Kent Lauson, Author Straight Talk about Crooked Teeth.

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