Extra skin on vagina, big labia, Hymen not over opening? (photo)

My labia minora is large..I am only 14 almost 15. I also have an extra piece of skin on the left that just sits there..this is very embarassing and I don't know what to do. My hymen is also right ABOve my vaginal opening. So when I masturbate or put a tampon in, it doesn't even touch my finger or tampon, so my hymen won't go away. The past couple days I have been itchy and red down there, I've tried everything it won't stop.

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I seem to have extra tissue

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Your anatomy appears to fall within the realm of 'normal.' Even with the extra tissue you are demonstrating there are significant changes that occur as you go through puberty and sexual intercourse; I would not recommend surgery unless a functional problem presented itself. I hope this is helpful. 

Houston Plastic Surgeon

You should consult your family doctor regarding the itchiness.

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It does appear as though you have some extra skin around the clitoral hood but your labia minora looks completely normal.  Some women can have a distinct hymen band across the vaginal opening that can easily be removed surgically.  But you definitely have no reason to be embarrassed. 

Excess Labia Minora, Clitoral Hooding and Hymenal Tag

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The photos above demonstrate excess labia minora (or inner labia), clitoral hooding (or excess tissue above the clitoris, which covers the area), and a hymenal tag, or remnant of the intact hymen.

I generally do not recommend vulvar surgery for women under 18, but if they are mature, have specific concerns that are causing physical/emotional distress, and are accompanied by a thoughtful mom or family member, then I would consider surgery. I take exactly the same approach in breast reduction surgery: I prefer not to do it, unless the situation truly merits surgical intervention.

The excess labia and clitoral hooding can be reduced. This will provide a more "tidy" appearance to the vulva, and also will expose the clitoris which can lead to improvements in sexual function. With regard to they hymenal tag, I would not recommend removing this tissue. This is part of the introitus and can become very sensitive if untoward scarring develops. This is actually true of any surgery in the vaginal area, but particularly so in the introitus or vaginal opening. 

If you are experiencing redness, inflammation, and tenderness, you should definitely see your GYN. They may prescribe antifungal medication for yeast infection, antibiotics for infection, or steroid cream for inflammation.  They may also address your concerns over your appearance, but make sure that they have experience in this surgery with before and after photos.  In general it is best to trust a plastic surgeon who has experience and training in this area. Here is a video of my technique. 

Adolescent concerns

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are best addressed by visiting your local physician.  But from your photos, your appearances are completely normal and would be wary of anyone who would suggest surgery for you at this point.   How do you come to the conclusion that your are not normal?

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Excess labial tissue and hymen remnants

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1) you are perfectly normal; the appearance of you labial suggests only minimal excess;

2) the hymen has already ruptured as evidenced by your ability to place a tampon;

3) red and itchy can be a sign of irritation from masturbation or a yeast infection. For a yeast infection there are over-the-counter creams (Gyne-lotrimin, among others) that are effective.

Labial reduction can be performed to tailor the excess tissue for a tidier look. This is a common request in my practice.

Be sure to consult a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and insist on seeing a comprehensive portfolio of pre- and post-op pictures so you can see the types of results that are reasonable to expect.

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