Would I be a candidate for Invisalign? (Photo)

I had traditional braces from age 13-16, including an upper arch expander & headgear. My retainer broke when I was 17; parents did not see it necessary to replace. I am now 31 & my teeth have shifted quite a bit, although not quite as bad as pre-adolescence. I would like a less visible method for obvious reasons. I am also concerned about hygiene, as dentists have told me I have "weak enamel" that has plagued me with cavities. Wisdom teeth are all gone. Would I be an Invisalign success?

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This would be and Awesome Invisalign case

"Wow"  what a great Invisalign case this would be!  In the care of a dentist or orthodontist with the right experience, your case could be outstanding,  I love treating cases like yours.  I have expanded arches and resolved severe crowding using Invisalign in similar cases in about 14 months.  I am providing a link to some photos of a severely crowded and constricted case for you to review.

good luck and be sure to view photos of cases that the dentist or orthodontist has done to determine if they have the necessary experience to help you.

Douglas E. Jopling, DDS

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