I have just had extensive liposuction and a breast lift . My breast lift incision wound is not healing. Should I be worried?

2 weeks after my surgery the incision (anchor lift) wound started to open up in two places. My surgeon keeps insisting on increasing my protein intake and I have to dress the wound with ointment and gauze. No pain or puss coming out. I have a tummy tuck and arm lift planned with the same surgeon after 3 months and now I am terrified of those incision wounds opening up. If this happened this time will it happen for the second stage of my procedure and what can I do to prevent this from happening?

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Incisional Openings

Superficial openings occur approximately 20% of the time in the are of the "triple points" of the breasts, where the skin flaps come together.  They will eventually heal.  I recommend you have the nurse or doctor check for sutures that may be coming to the surface.  The skin will not heal with external sutures.  Discuss your concerns with the surgeon.  The present issue does not necessarily represent the outcome of your 2nd stage procedure.  You should feel comfortable moving forward.

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Incision skin loss and healing problem after breast lift

The loss of skin called skin slough in the area that you show in your photograph is not uncommon after breast lift.

This is probably a combination of the tension of this closure and possibly splitting of deep sutures which were placed.

Usually these areas heal and it sounds like your surgeon is handling this properly.

I do not think that what is happening with your breast lift incisions is necessarily going to happen with your tummy tuck as they are very 2 different operations in 2 different areas of the body and this type of wound healing problem is much less common after tummy tuck.

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