Does Extending the Nasal Bridge Make You Lose the Epicanthic Fold? (photo)

When I pull the skin between my eyes (as it might become when I extend the nasal bridge) it seems that the epicanthic fold is gone. Does extending the nasal bridge make you lose the epicanthic fold? I am also planning to sharpen the tip of my nose in the same procedure of the extension of the nasal bridge. I'm 14.

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Epicanthic fold and rhinoplasty

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No.  Despite the fact that you can extend and flatten the fold with finger pressure and tension the underlying anatomy will not be altered in any way following rhinoplasty.  Does not mean your nasal appearance won't change with the procedure, obviously, but lower your expectation to zero long term change of the medial canthal and epicanthal region.  For better or worse that would require an entirely separate procedure to reorganize that anatomical zone.

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