What is Extender Liposuction? My Dr. Recommended It For Me.

A surgeon told me it was the best technique for my chin lipo.I've never heard of it...and when I google it, it only mention masculine genital enhancement?Thanks

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Extender liposuction.

Thank you for your question.  Liposuction is a field  in plastic surgery that does seem to generate a  confusing number of different names  or procedures.  As has been pointed out,  none of them are superior to tumnescent liposuction.   Extender liposuction is a term that I have never heard of.   

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Sometimes patients hear a medical term and wind up trying to use that term but don't get it right. Could that be the case here? Unless you're totally sure, ask the doctor to write it down for you. Between Drs. Darrow and Schuster you have 31 years of experience. Add in my 30 years and that's a lot of practice years and none of us have heard that term.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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I have to agree with Dr. Darrow, that in 23 years of performing liposuction I have NEVER heard of this.  Maybe they use a very long cannula to go from the neck down to the thighs.  I have heard of all types of procedures including the grandiose ones that make the doctor sound very important, but not this one.  I have performed tumescent lipo, ultrasonic and vaser(a modified form of ultrasonic) lipo, power assisted lipo and laser lipo.  But I have to tell you, this is a new one on me.

Steven Schuster, MD, FACS
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Extender liposuction?

I've been practicing for 18 years and have never heard of extender liposuction.  I do know over the last several years many "new" types of liposuction have been heavily marketed in the media, ie vaser lipo, laser lipo, slim lipo, cold lipo, ultrasonic lipo,  etc.   In spite of the marketing hype and claims to the contrary, none of these modalities has been shown to produce results superior to a well planned and carefully performed tumnescent liposuction.  See a few board certified plastic surgeons and get their opinions about what is best for you.  The choice of surgeon is much more important than a specific named procedure.  I hope this helps.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
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Since no one including myself has ever heard of this the only one who can explain it to you is the surgeon who mentioned it. You cannot even google it. That sounds like a red flag to me because if it was the best technique everybody would be doing it and talking about it. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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