Extended Tummy Tuck Best for Me? (photo)

Is an extended tummy tuck best for me? I have lost 135lbs via Gastric bypass surgery and am down to 124 as a stable weight. I had a BL/BA in January and my surgeon is recommending an extended tummy tuck and extended thigh lift.

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Extended Tummy Tuck vs Lower Body Lift after massive weight-loss

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By the time your reach your ideal goal weight, Massive Weight-Loss has created one of two situations: 

1. You may have loose skin of the abdomen only and be satisfied with the skin tone of the back and buttocks. 

2. You may be bothered by both the loose abdominal skin and the sagging of the buttocks (the more common situation after such a significant weight-loss). 

In your situation, it appears that you have relatively good skin tone on the sides, then the question is, are you bothered by any sagging of the buttocks and lower back.  If not, then an Extended Tummy Tuck will address your concerns.  However, if sagging of the buttocks and lower back are also a concern for you, then a Lower Body Lift would address those concerns better. 

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Extended tummy tuck after gastric bypass and weight loss

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From your photo, I would agree that you would probably benefit from and extended tummy tuck and thigh lift.  Congratulations on the weight loss, this is a great accomplishment.  Best wishes. 

Is an extended tummy tuck best for me?

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Congratulations on your weight loss. You are a great candidate for a full tummy tuck.  Whether the incision should be "extended" around the sides and meet at or near the midline in the back depends on how much skin laxity of the hips and flanks you have, and whether removing that amount is worth it to you for the additional scarring and some additional expense. It is difficult to tell without seeing your sides and back and examining your skin tone in these areas.  In regard to the thighs, you may benefit from an inner thigh lift and an outer thigh/buttock lift, but again this would depend upon your examination, and generally these are not performed at the same time.

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Body contouring after massive weight loss

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It appears as though your surgeon is offering you a good plan.  However, I typically perform a circumfirential abdominoplasty followed by a thigh lift for my massive weight loss patients.

Extended Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss

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Dear krca67,

Congratulations on your weight loss!

It looks like you have a significant amount of loose skin around your trunk and thighs. A lower body lift (belt lipectomy) or extended tummy tuck will help tighten your trunk. A thigh lift will help with your thighs.

Warmest wishes,

Larry Fan, MD

Larry Fan, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Good Candidate for Extended Tummy Tuck?

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Congratulations on your significant weight loss; you should be proud of this accomplishment. I think an extended tummy tuck or lower body lift  is a good option for you based on your significant weight loss  and the  probable presence of circumferential excess skin with poor elasticity.

Best wishes.

Extended tummy tuck probably the best solution for excessive skin after massive weight loss.

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Due the large amount of excess skin which additionally has poor elasticity, an extended abdominoplast will yield the best result.  The incisions are longer but they are worth it in my opinion.

Yes, an extended tummy tuck and extended thigh lift are likely good options for you.

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Thank you for your question and the photo.

Yes, an extended tummy tuck and extended thigh lift are likely good options for you.

To be sure, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery. I hope this helps.

Excess skin after weight loss surgery

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Congratulations on your weight loss!  Now that you are at a stable weight, it is a good time to consider a tummy tuck procedure.  Extended tummy tuck is going to remove that apron of skin and improve your abdominal contour.

Tummy tuck

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Congratulations on the weight loss!  There are many options available to you.  A Full tummy tuck would work nicely, but if you have a lot of loose skin on your waist, you may benefit from extending the incisions farther around the sides.  You also look to be a reasonable candidate for a thigh lift, but those scars are pretty long.   Also, the skin on your thighs probably will not be tightened as much as you may imagine.

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