Explanting After 5 Week Post Cc Revision. Possible Considerations?

Hi, Do you think a capsule has already formed at 5 weeks post cc revision? I would like to explant through the armpit, as my small areoles were stretched a lot when PS put in 365 silicone moderates. He said the new implants would only be 10% bigger and they have gone from 275 to 365. I'm miserable and just want to see what my real breasts look like before doing anything else. I want them out ASAP. How can I achieve this goal? What other considerations do I need to take into account? Thank you.

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Capsule at 5 weeks

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It is doubtful that you developed a capsular contracture at 5 weeks.  Removing them through the armpit could be difficult.  Implants can be removed at anytime.

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Recurrent capsular contracture? removing implants?

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It is unlikely that you have developed a capsular contracture this early after your surgery.   If you are unhappy with your implants they can be removed.   It would be best to use the existing incision rather than making a new one.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Explanting After 5 Week Post Cc Revision. Possible Considerations

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Provided that you are really certain, they can come out at any time. I would suggest that you at least consider using the same incision for removal. The implants come out a lot easier than they go in, so it is unlikely that any more stretching will occur. Otherwise an incision in the fold would be a better choice. If the implants break while removing them through the axilla, it would be very difficult to remove all the contents. 

Discuss with your surgeon.  All the best.  

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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