Does the Explantation Process Pose Particular Risk to Breast Tissue Left Behind?

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Breast Implants Removal And Remainder of Breast Tissue?

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Removal of breast implants to not generally pose any specific risks to breast tissue.

As always, please make sure you select a well experienced  board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your surgery. 

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Removing breast implants is not risky for your breast tissue

After breast implants are removed, your breast shape may be permanently changed. If you had very large implants in place with little natural breast tissue, you may have more loose skin and a larger depression compared to someone who had a small implant removed.  The capsule (scar tissue) surrounding the implant should also be removed so as not to interfere with future mammograms. Discuss the explantation process in detail with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to removing your breast implants.

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Simple Breast Implant Explantation does not pose a risk to your Breasts

The simple removal of your breast implants poses absolutely no risk to the remaining breast tissue.  However, if the surrounding scar capsule is removed (which may be advised), then a small bit of attached breast tissue may be removed along with it.  Most importantly, the appearance of your breasts may be drastically, and perhaps unacceptably, altered.  Your plastic surgeon can give you good advice after discussing your concerns following an examination.

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Removing implants should not pose additional risk to breast tissue

Typically, the removal of breast implants should not pose a threat to your native breast tissue that remains.  However, depending on the size of the implants and the amount of breast tissue you have, the removal may result in a suboptimal breast shape - this may be a permanent or a temporary finding.  For example, if your breasts have been stretched out by large implants, they may not contract well over time.

There is also a risk of seroma, or fluid collection, after the implants are removed.  If the capsules are removed concurrently, this can reduce this risk.  You will likely have drains in place to remove this fluid for a period of time after explantation.

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Not usually....


The most common case in which removal surgery is risky is the case in which the amount of breast tissue is small so there is a deformity left behind after the implants and capsules are removed. This is amongst the reasons why patients tend to have their implants replaced.


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