Can Explantation and Lift at the Same Time Cut off Blood Supply to Nipples?

I had a breast augmentation back in June 2006. I have been unhappy ever since. Doctor placed my 360cc saline implants on top of my muscle when I had little breast tissue to cover them. I have had a baby since then (Nov. 2008) and now want them removed all together. I thought I would be most happy with a lift also, but I was told because of the placement and little breast tissue, doing it all at the same time could possibly cut off blood supply to my nipples. Any thoughts on this?

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Explantation and lifting - nipple viability concerns

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Any combination procedure of the breast can increase your risk for nipple/areolar compromise or necrosis, although the risk is much higher with an augmentation and a lift. For an explantation, the tension is much less of an issue. However, the blood supply to the nipple depends on the degree of lift required to improve the position of the nipples and shape of the breast. The safest route is to stage the two operations. This also allows for more contraction of the breast to occur following the explantation and possibly a more predictable breast lift operation.

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Removal of Breast Implants and Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

Your surgeon is correct in that loss of blood supply to the nipple/areola  is always a potential risk with this procedure. Sometimes, it is best to do this procedure into stages ( although usually it can be done safely in one stage). 

Best wishes. 

Lift after aug

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There is no question you have to be careful.It can be doen but if soemone is a smoker I think  it is best to be cautious and do it in two stages.

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You can do them both together.

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By doing both of those procedures at once, you do run a risk of your nipple not having enough blood supply to live.  This risk is fairly low but definitely there.  You can do the explantation and the lift at 2 separate operations to be safer.  If you have saline implants, you can have the surgeon deflate the implants in the office and later have them removed and a lift, which is considered safer also.  Good luck!

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