Explanders Deflating. Should I Be Charged Additional?

i 5 weeks ago had explaners put in and they are both deflating ,if you were my doctor would you stand bye your work and fix the problem .or tell me its going to cost you even more money than before too remove and put implants in .i need too know if i sould move on too a another doctor .i feel this isnt anything i have done .and know i have a mess please help

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Tissue expander

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Why the expander put in?

In breast reconstruction the insurance will pay for the procedure.

If it is cosmetic, then talk with your doctor He/She may talk with the company and mabe they will give the expanders at a discount or free.

As for the cost, like any complication, the issue of who pays for resurgery for any reason should have been discussed prior to surgery. Complications can appen with any surgery.


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