Explanation to Relieve Unresolved Pain 1 Year After Bilateral Mastectomy and Reconstruction?

After bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction, I expected to have significant relief when the expanders were replaced with implants, but almost 1 year later the life-changing pain is still there. I've been working with a pain specialist and an acupuncture clinic with no significant resolution. My last option is to have the implants removed. I live in the Tucson area and I am interested in finding a doctor (in Tucson or Phoenix area) who has a lot of experience with removing implants.

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Pain in breasts after reconstruction

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Pain after breast reconstruction is sometimes hard to pinpoint. It may be related to the implants and the capsule.  Hard to say without an exam. Sometimes an option is autologous tissue reconstruction.

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Breast reconstruction

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Any Board Certified Plastic Surgeon would have the appropriate knowledge and experience to remove breast implants.

Samir Shureih, MD
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