Please Explain the Procedure of a Belt Lipectomy from the Back/butt?

I understand that the front is like a tummy tuck but is the back like a brazilian butt lif. Could someone please explain?

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The Back Half Of A Belt Lipectomy Is A True Butt Lift

A belt lipectomy is essentially a 360 degree tummy tuck. It is a circumferential cutout of skin and fat that wraps around the whole body at the waistline level. It is, simplistically, like pulling up one's pants after the skin and fat is removed. On the front side it is a tummy tuck. On the backside, it is a buttock lift. This is not to be confused with a Brazilian butt lift which is really a misnomer, that is fat injections to the buttocks only. Calling it a butt lift is a bit of a stretch as it is really a buttocks enlargement procedure. The back half of a belt lipectomy is a true butt lift.

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Please Explain the Procedure of a Belt Lipectomy from the Back/butt?

Regarding: "Please Explain the Procedure of a Belt Lipectomy from the Back/butt?
I understand that the front is like a tummy tuck but is the back like a brazilian butt lif. Could someone please explain

When you were much larger the widest portion of the body was located along the center and most large people have a tapered look with the center being the widest point. Once that weight was lost, there was some skin shrinkage but the majority of the remaining skin excess is left around the central point of the trunk.

A Belt Lipectomy is a combination of 3 operations = Full Tummy Tuck + bilateral Thigh Lifts and Buttock lift. The excess skin and fat along the central portion of the body is removed leaving a circumferential belt like scar around the body. In the buttock area, most surgeons follow the upper contours of the buttocks leaving a McDonald's Arches like scar along the upper borders of the buttocks.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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Belt lipectomy

A belt lipectomy is an extended abdominoplasty that goes around the back as well. The resection of skin on the back will lift the buttock area. This functions as a "butt" lift as well. This operation is mainly used for weight loss patients who have excess skin around their waist.

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Belt lipectomy

There's some confusion in the terms you're using.  A belt lipectomy is basically a tummy tuck that goes all the way around your body.  A body lift is the same, only it releases some of the ligaments along your lateral thighs (the outsides of your thighs) prior to closing so that it will lift up while closing.  Finally a brazillian buttock lift is done by liposuction of other areas of your body and injection into your buttocks to perk them up.  They're all pretty different and you look like you'd be a good candidate for the surgery you're planning with autologous augmentation (where the back tummy tuck is not done but preserved so as to use some of that fat to not flatten your buttock.

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Posterior Component of Body Lift

You are correct in your assumption that the anterior portion of a body lift is similar to an abdominoplasty.  Posteriorly and laterally skin and subcutaneous fat are removed in such a way that it lifts the buttocks and the lateral and posterior portion of the thighs.  It is not the same as a Brazialian butt lift.

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Body lift

The back portion of a body lift usually entails removing a section of skin and fat that runs across the lower back and usually can be hidden in the underwear line.  It will lift the buttocks.

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Lifting buttocks with a belt lipectomy

The easiest way to think about a "belt lipectomy" is that it is removing extra skin and then leaving a scar in the general area you would wear your belt.  This indeed does something to lift the buttock, especially the upper part.  Fat grafting to the buttocks - "known as Brazilian Butt Lift" can also be done at the same time.

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Belt Lipectomy butt scar looks like G-string

Basically, the posterior scar looks like a G-string in the back. This allows for the lifting and tightening. Brazilian butt lift does not do as much tightening or lifting.

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