I'm experiencing pain with lifting or certain movements and a full constant ache. I know my saline implant is ruptured?

Saline above the muscle implants redid in 2006. Noticed during pregnancy that it was shrinking. The pain is getting much worse I have an appointment in a week can it wait and is the pain normal

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Without a photo to see your results, it is impossible to offer any useful commentary. Please see your PS in person to discuss your concerns.

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Ruptured saline implant

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You know when saline implants rupture because they become smaller.The pain may be due to a tear in your capsule.I would go see your surgeon to let him examine you.It is not an emergency.

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Pain in breast implants?

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That pain is not normal and you should be seen by a plastic surgeon. No one here can tell you if it is ruptured. You need an examination.

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