Not Experiencing Any Pain with IPL This Normal??

I have had arnd 7 photofacials with a Palomer starlux. I have fair Asian skin with some freckling and redness around the nose+cheeks. For my first 5 sessions, I felt pain. In my last 2, when treated for brown pigmentation, I felt NO PAIN, just warmth. I did feel some pain for redness. The esthetician said the settings are higher than my previous sessions. I did not see my freckles darken, excpt one small mole did darken and flake off eventually. Is this normal? Did my pain threshold change??

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Less pain with your Photofacial

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After this many sessions your skin should have significantly less pigmentation (freckling) then when you started. The less pigmentation you have the higher setting can be used, intern you may also be absorbing less heat overall.  It is very common to feel very warm or "sun burnt" after a Photofacial,  just because you do not have pain does not mean the session was unsuccessful. Using a topical serum at home with a Hydroquinone or Retinol can continue to treat pigmentation on a daily basis. Most importantly be diligent about your sunscreen!


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