Looking for Experienced Surgeon in Oklahoma/Texas to Perform a Brazilian Butt Lift

I am looking for a surgeon that performs the Brazilian butt lift in or near Oklahoma. I have only found two doctors in Oklahoma City that will even do this, and i am concerned that the procedure is not performed enough in this area. I would be willing to travel to Texas, maybe further. If anybody has an suggestions or doctors to recommend it would be greatly appreciated.

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Many patients travel to have this procedure, but if you can find someone local with experience.....

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That's even better.   Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestions for Brazilian Butt Lift doctors. As you said, there are not too many Plastic Surgeons with a lot of experience with this procedure. I strongly suggest that you research the surgeon you choose to be sure they do have a lot of experience with this procedure and can show good results.
I am located in Maryland but have operated on many women from across the country, including the Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, etc areas for the Brazilian Butt Lift. But, traveling definitely makes the procedure a little more expensive and recovery a little more complicated. So, choose carefully!

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