How Can I Found an Experienced Surgeon in Alberta Especially on Nasal Reconstruction? (Photo)

I had a surgery on my nose ala removing basal cell cancer and followed by half nasal reconstruction with forearm flap 2 years ago. Now my half nose greatly deformed due to the shrinkage of flap. I need a further nasal reconstruction with forehead flap by skin extension. Since I am living in Alberta, could you please recommend me a plastic surgeon in region with much experience of nasal reconstruction? Thanks!

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Forehead flap

Looks like you could use a forehead flap.  I am not sure of anyone in Alberta CA.  I do have a friend in Banff who is an excellent plastic surgeon, although I am not sure if she still does this type of work. Her name is Elizabeth Hall-Findley. If she does not do this anymore, I am sure she can refer you to the appropriate person.  Good luck.

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Alberta nasal reconstruction surgeon

I do not personally know him, but Dr. Kal Ansari is a facial plastic surgeon with what seem to be impeccable training credentials. He is in the department of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery at the University of Alberta. Good luck in your search.

Michael Kim, MD

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How Can I Found an Experienced Surgeon in Alberta Especially on Nasal Reconstruction?

I am sorry to hear about your illness.  IMHO, you should reach out to the Facial Plastic and Plastic Surgery departments at the major medical schoiols in your area.  perhaps a phone call with e-mailed photos and medical history.  Hope this helps.

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