Who is the Most Experienced Surgeon for Brazilian Butt Lift in Orange County, CA?

I would like few referals for top rated doctors who are very experienced in Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. This would be my first time to have my fat removed so it will be good quality. I'm 5'5" tall at 134 lbs. I'd also like to have fat removed from abdomen, flank and upper back. My family members have done procedures with Dr. Niccole and very happy with the results but he doesn't do Brazilian Butt Lift.

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Who does Brazillian Butt Lift(BBL) in Newport Beach?

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I have had very good success with transferring fat from primarily the abdomen to the buttock(BBL). I see patients and operate in Miami and it is much more popular there than in my practice in Newport Beach but it looks like I'm seeing more patients for that in So California. 

Brazilian Buttock Lift in Orange County

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Dear OC Mamma,


With enough fat in your flanks and upper back, the Brazillian Buttock Lift if performed by a board certified surgeon of ample experience will provide you with commendable results.


The key is to establish NATURAL LOOKING results especially that about 1/3 to 1/2 of the fat transferred into the buttock will become permanent.


I encourage you to seek consultations with several surgeon so you will make a well informed decision.


Best of luck to you and thank you for your question.

Dr. Sajjadian

Brazilian buttock lift in southern California

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Buttock augmentation by way of fat transfer (Brazilian buttock lift) can be a great procedure in the right patient. I recommend consulting with several board certified plastic surgeons until you find one that you are comfortable with. The best candidates for this surgery have good skin tone, no stretch marks and a few extra pounds on their body. If you are 5'5" and 134, you may have enough fat for this procedure- this is difficult to say without examining you in person.

Remember that not all of the fat that gets transferred to your buttock will survive; about 30% of the fat will shrink over time. By about 6 months after surgery, whatever fat remains is felt to be permanent.

I enjoy performing this procedure because the results can be quite dramatic for the patient. It's more than just creating a larger buttock, it's really about reshaping the entire abdominal, lower back,hip and gluteal area.

Best wishes,


Who is the Most Experienced Surgeon for Brazilian Butt Lift in Orange County, CA?

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There are several choices. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

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