Looking for an Experienced Rhinoplasty Doctor

I am looking for a good rhinoplasty surgeon have talked to 2 of them but their fees is rediculously high, around 15K. I simply can't afford that high of a fees. Can someone recommend a good Dr. whose fees is reasonable and one who has an extensive experience in revision rhinoplasty. Thanks in advance.

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Experienced Rhinoplasty Doctor

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The ASPS website is a good starting point for qualified, board certified plastic surgeons. If you continue to receive that range of fee for the surgery then that may be the appropriate surgical fee for your area.


Surgical fees do vary widely across the country. Do not sacrifice quality for a little savings. However, you may have options outside your immediate area if you have family/friends in other parts of the country that you can stay with for long periods of time.

Don't choose based on price

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Choosing a plastic surgeon for you rhinoplasty could be made easier by getting some names then visiting the website of the doctors.  Once at the website review the before/after photos for rhinoplasty and decide if you like the work that you see.  Make sure that: 1. they show at least 20 to 30 photos, 2. that there are at least 3 views from each patient (front, quarter turn and profile views) from each patient, 3. the quality of the photos and the way the photos are taken are consistent, 4. photos are large and clear enough to see.  If there are no photos on the website or the quality is not good enough or the results are not appealing to you then your in the wrong place.  Don't believe anyone unless you see it with your own eyes.  Also, once you choose a doctor ask the office to give you names of 2 or 3 patients who recently (within the last 2 or 3 months) who have had surgery with the doctor and talk to them to see what their experience has been (if a doctor does good work and does enough of rhinoplasty his/her office should have no problem finding you patients who would be willing to talk to you about their experience.  

Don't choose base on price, but rather choose based on results.

Cost is a consideration in cosmetic surgery, but not the only one.

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There are many excellent plastic surgeons who have a  special interest in rhinoplasty who charge less than this; a few also charge more. One of the main determinants of price is geographic--i.e., prices may be higher in wealthier regions of the country. I encourage you to look at various physician websites and do more research, especially with regard to the qualifications of the physicians.

Realistically, cost is absolutely a factor in choosing a plastic surgeon. The quality of the doctor is the most important factor, but price does not necessarily correlate with quality. Do your research on the physicians (reputation, qualifications, before and after pictures) and feel free to interview/consult with more than one.

Good luck.

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Looking for a Rhinoplasty surgeon

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 Sadly, you get what you pay for and IMHO and a poor result is no bargain at any price.  I have written an article here on how to choose your plastic and cosmetic surgeon which may be helpful.  IMHO, you should never use cost as your determining factor.  Find the Rhinoplasty surgeon that will do the very best job, in your particular case and then save until you can afford it.  The cost of 1 or more Revision Rhinoplasties will be much, much higher both emotionally and finacially if you initiall choose a cheaper and less experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon.

Revision Rhinoplasty

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I am not sure where they charge $15,000 for a Rhinoplasty but many good doctors in the Midwest charge less than $8000-$9000 for this procedure.  Just because someone charges a lot does not insure a good result.  Experience and trainiing are the two most important factors in my opinion!

Revisional Rhinoplasty Fees Are Often Higher Than Primary Rhinoplasty

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The fees for rhinoplasty do vary considerably for a variety of reasons. While there is something to be said about getting what you pay for, paying a very high fee does not always guarantee that the best result will be obtained. You have had several consultations with fee quotes which do seem to be on the very high side for rhinoplasties performed in the Midwest. Whether that is because your nose may be extraordinarily difficult or poses a very challenging revisional procedure can not be determined from the information that is presented. I would continue to do your research and get additional consultations as the fees for revisional rhinoplasty, even in very experienced hands, can be obtained for less than the costs you have been quoted.

Revision rhinoplasty

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Revision rhinoplasty can be a very difficult procedure.  Continue to do your research, and hopefully you will find the right surgeon.  Good luck!  

David Bray, Jr, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon


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It is better to pay well for the first one than going in for several morebecause you settled for a cheap one that perhaps led to more surgeries whcih than likely will add up to more costs.  However, not everyone who costs alot are good. 

Revision rhinoplasty surgeon-----cheap!

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I'm sorry to tell you that you get what you pay for. Over the past 35 years innate seen unfortunately too many patients who have had 5 or more rhinoplasties! Each one was worse than the one before. The reason that these rhinplasties cost more is that they take considerably more time and expertise. Choose wisely.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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