Is Invisalign to Blame for my Teeth Issues?

I Have Experienced Many Problems with my Teeth, Cracked Roots, Etc.,  As I mentioned above, I used Invisalign braces for about a year when I began to have problems with my teeth, cracked roots, etc., I had the braces removed. Now I have had several extractions- I am wondering if the Invisalign braces are to blame for this??

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Invisalign will not crack teeth....!

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When you have invisalign there are no brackets to be removed only small attachments that are polished off at the end of treatment. There is nothing in that process that would crack a root.. Maybe you have root exposed due to gum recession? You will want to clarify that with your Dentist.. Best of luck...Dr Thomas

Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign will not crack teeth

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Are you sure you had Invisalign and not "invisible braces"?  You refer to having the braces 'removed',  but if you had Invisalign you could simply stop wearing the aligners.  Either way, the problems you describe are probably not related to the orthodontic treatment, however it was performed.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Invisalign uses very gentle forces

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The forces created by Invisalign are gentle and very unlikely to crack teeth.  It is likely (and this is speculation) that your teeth were already weakened from other things (previous bad bite, previous fillings, previous trauma, etc).

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