Experienced Doctor to Treat Palmar Hyperhidrosis in South Florida

Can anyone recommend a doctor who has experience treating palmar hyperhidrosis with botox in south florida? Thanks.

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Hyperhidrosis doctor in South Florida

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Search on Google for the key words 'hyperhidrosis treatment florida' and I am sure you will find someone who offers at least one of the available treatments for palmar hyperhidrosis. There are some books you can read about palmoplantar hyperhidrosis which will tell you about the various treatment options that are available - oral medications, topical medications, Botox injections, micro ETS, etc. You can do individual Google searches for these terms When you find a treating doctor, find out if they are Board Certified in their discipline - any medical doctor can inject Botox in your hands but you want someone who is Board Certified and also someone who has some experience doing it. Dermatologists, general surgeons, thoracic surgeons, general practitioners do this sort of thing in Florida. Only thoracic surgeons perform endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy becuase it is a 'chest' procedure. Just because someone is a cosmetic dermatologist does not imply that they are good in injecting Botox in your hands for hyperhidrosis. Their expertise may lie in injecting it in your forehead or masseter muscle for one cosmetic issue or another. Buyer beware .....

Botox for palmar hyperhidrosis

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Hyperhidrosis of the palms are quite common and most specialists in hyperhidrosis offer medical therapy vs. Botox injections for the area. Palmar Botox works very well but has to be repeated. 

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