Does Anyone Know of Any Experienced BBL Doctors in the PA, NJ, DE and Maybe MD Areas?

I've been reading alot of posts' and I'm noticing that alot of people want to lose alot of weight before having the BBL but I'm ok with my weight but NOT my shape. I'm a big girl, always have been. I would much rather be about 30lbs smaller but I've been the same size for 10yrs give or take 15lbs (never had butt:) now I want it BIG) therefore shape is my priority at this time. Can someone help me :) I'm 5'6 220lbs

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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in MD

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I would recommend losing the thirty pounds before undergoing the Brazilian Butt Lift.  I have performed this procedure for hundreds of women, many of whom were overweight.  There are 3 problems with performing this procedure at your current weight.  First and most importantly, the surgery would be riskier for you at your current weight than if you were to lose 30 or more pounds prior to surgery.  Secondly, you will get a better result.  There is only so much fat that can be removed safely.  And, the third reason is that I frequently see patients lose additional weight after body contouring surgery.  This is usually a good thing if they have just had liposuction or a tummytuck, but with Brazilian Butt Lift, if you lose weight after the procedure is complete, your buttocks will shrink also. 

Brazilian butt lift and weight loss

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Based on your height and weight, I recommend you reach a healthier weight of about 180 lbs. before the surgery. This will provide you the best change to have an hourglass figure and a nice behind.

Brazilian Buttock lift

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If you are comfortable with your size and weight. Then you can go ahead with Brazilian Butt lift and Buttock reshaping.

A consultation will discuss with you all the options expectations and risks, then you can decide.

I have never had a dissatisfied patient with brazilian Butt Lift

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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