Has Anyone Had Any Experience with a Terino Style 2 Square Chin? (photo)

The Terino Square chin 2 is a fairly new product in the plastic surgery field. I am getting a large for my recessive chin and lack of jaw. I have seen little to no before and after photos of patients that have had this implant. So naturally I am a little curious. Just wondering how its going to turn out and if anyone has any links with before and after pics..anyone have any advice on size? Large? XL? Does this style of implant give you strong jawline definition? I am getting neck lipo as well

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Square Chin Implants for a Stronger Male Jawline

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Square chin implants are not new and have been around for years. For those male patients that want a more square and stronger chin they can be very effective. The real question is how to choose between a style 1 and style 2 square chin so one does end either less square or more square than one desires.

Chin implant size and shape

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  It is very rare  in our practice to place a large  or XL chin implant in a patient because  patients end up looking over projected and out of balance. The size and shape of the chin implant should be best chosen at the time of the consultation  and examination with your facial plastic surgeon.  Liposuction in the neck will also give a better jawline definition in addition to the chin implant. Please see the link below for examples of chin implants and neck liposuction

Has Anyone Had Any Experience with a Terino Style 2 Square Chin?

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 I have performed many chin augmentations using Chin Implants.  Large and XL chin implants are very thick and from the photo provided my make your chin over-projected...although an in person exam is always best.

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