Is This Experience with Tear Trough Treatment Common?

I did a tear trough treatment and feel very anxious about the outcome. When the doctor started injecting I could a funny noise from the syringe while the filler was getting in my tear trough. It didn't happen when treating the left eye which feels and looks great. However, my right eye feels uncomfortable and doesn't look nice. Should I be concern or is that a common experience with this kind of treatment? Could some air was trap in the syringe? If not what was this noise was caused from?

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You look a bit bruised from your service. This gets better.

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The sound you are describing is absolutely normal.  It is the sound of the product going in.  You hear it because the sound is actually conducted through the bone.  It does not mean that air was introduced under the skin.  The sound is not always the same on both sides and this may have to do with the handedness of your injector.

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