Doctor Experience for Perlane?

In terms of experience, how many times/injections would make a doc "experienced"? They all claim "experience" but I'm sure it varies from doc to doc. Thanks!

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Experienced Doctor

It is hard to give a specific number to you regarding the quality of the doctor.  I felt comfortable after the first  five or ten patients that I treated years ago,b ut certainly have picked up nuances over the years.  Now I treat more than 300 people a year with fillers and more than that with Botox.

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"Experience" with Perlane, Restylane, Juvederm hard to quantify and qualify.

Patients rightly want to find an "experienced" injector and the question of "how much experience qualifies as enough experience?" is a great question. The hard answer is that some "very experienced" injectors may be too fast, may overdo it, may have unappealing results, but may have a lot of patients because they have low prices, a lot of paid PR, or are pushing it on people who don't need it.

Use your gut judgment along with careful investigation of REAL credentials. "Board-certified physician" may not be enough. Ask "what are you board-certified in?" The answer for the best likelihood of quality results would be a board-certification in dermatology or plastic surgery. From there, look for patient reviews, before and after photos (watch for poor match of angles and shadows on before and afters--they can be very misleading), and other indicators.

To be honest.... some younger, less "experienced" injectors may sometimes give more beautiful, artistic, safe results than some older "more experienced" injectors. There is no one gauge for quality.

Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH
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Perlane and injection experience

When consulting with a physician or provider, ask that question specifically! There are often very experienced and well-trained RN's and PA's that are expert/master injectors with many years of training and practice under their belt.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Experience with filler injections is extremely important

Great question. There are many, many physicians and non-physicians out there injecting fillers, with little experience. Many physicians decided mid-career to jump on the filler bandwagon, and they learned how to inject through a weekend course. I would strongly encourage you to seek out someone with a lot of experience with fillers. You should find someone who was formally trained in fillers (i.e. in a training program) or has a wealth of experience in injectables. While before and after photos usually only show a few patients, and may not be representative of the the physician's true results, they may still have some value. Do your homework, and you will soon see who has experience and who doesn't. Good luck!

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
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Experience with Perlane

I would ask how many patients have been injected and over how many years, and what if any side effects the doctor has had with perlane. Also, you are generally safer if a dermatologist or plastic surgeon is injecting you as they have extensive training and appreciation for maximizing beauty. Word of mouth can be helpful as well, so ask your friends who they recommend and why.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Plastic surgery experience

To feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon, look at his/her before and after pictures and ask how many injections he/she has done. Be careful, though because if a surgeon tells you that he/she has injected 500 people this doesn't mean that all the results are great. Get a feel for what results you're looking for and be sure to communicate this with your surgeon. However, I would be sure that whoever does it has had good training and has injected at least 25 people. Good luck!

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