Does the Surgeon or Technique Matter More in a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Does the experience in a doctor with the brazilian butt lift matter? I heard that there are several techniques on how a brazilian butt lift is done and that is the factor of a succesful result and that it should take more than 4 hours or else it is not done properly.

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Great Brazilian Butt Lift Results = A Good Plastic surgeon using a Good Technique

Like everything else in life a good outcome is dependent on picking a professional who uses the best tools and the appropriate method. By using an experienced and talented Brazilian Lift Plastic surgeon you can be assured that he uses the latest techniques and is therefore much more likely to get a good result in your case.

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What is the key to a good brazilian butt lift

Thanks for the question -

The short answer is both.  You need a surgeon with significant experience and one who performs the procedure with excellent technique.  The challenge may be - how do you know if the technique is excellent?  You talk about how long it takes a surgeon to perform the procedure as a way to measure quality.

In our San Francisco area practice we do a significant number of these procedures.  My time in the OR ranges from typically 4 to 6 hours.  But that probably isn't the factor you should focus on.  Be sure you're dealing with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Ask to see lots of before and after pictures.  Ask to talk to patients that have had the procedure done and be sure the surgeon takes the time to discuss the operation with you in depth. 

Good luck!

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Resuls of Brazilian Butt lift are dependent on surgeon, techniques AND patient

There are many who link the survival of fat grafts to the amount of time out of the body. Therefore a surgeon who takes longer is not necessarily going to get a better result. The final result depends not only on your surgeon and not only on the techniques used but also on the quality of the fat and your response to surgery.

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The Technique used for fat grafting is VERY important.

I have to agree with what you were told to some degree. The technique used is extremely important. The time it takes isn't quite as important if the surgeon knows what he is doing and is able to complete the procedure in a lessor amount of time.

I have performed several hundred Brazilian Butt Lift procedures and it usually takes me about 6 hours to do it well using my techniques. I have also seen far too many patients who have had the procedure done elsewhere who come to me and tell me the fat all went away. I always ask a few questions to be sure it doesn't happen again to them. Some of the several questions I ask are "How much fat was removed?", "How much fat was injected?" and "How long did the surgery take?". I have never had a single one of these patients tell me that their prior surgery took more than 4 hrs. Usually they tell me it was somewhere between 2 and 4 hrs. That's not to say that just because a surgeon takes longer that it will work, but, I know that I cannot do it well in much less than 6 hrs after doing this procedure for about 12 years.

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Brazilian Butt enhancement

Exnt and the experience of the surgeon is very important.

perience is very important in any surgical procedure, as well as the technique.

Brazilian but enhancement is technique dependant.

To achieve a good body proportions abd curves and a pleasing buttock enhancement,  one need  to look at the entire body. Liposuction areas that enhance the buttock look and transfer that fat to the buttock where it is needed and desired.

That BODY CONTOURING surgery becomes expensive , but the results are worth it

Samir Shureih, MD
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