Too Expensive Lipoma Removal Quote?

I'm having a Lipoma removed from the back of my hand. The cost is about $5,200 before insurance.

They say my insurance will cover it - but 30% is still a lot for such an apparently simple procedure. Am I getting ripped off?

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Expensive Lipoma Removal

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You have to be certain it is a lipoma. If it is confirmed by MRI then do you really have to remove it. If it is not causing you any pain or disability, then you can leave it alone. If you want to remove it any way, then look around in your insurance network and you should be able to get it done free except for any co-insurance, copay and/or deductible.


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Lipoma removal quote may be too expensive

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Unless you have a very complicated lipoma, this seems a bit steep. Are you sure that this is a lipoma? There are other things that can grow in a hand that are more involved.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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