Is it expensive to do facial botox?

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Price for Botox

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Cost of Botox varies from each practice/physician and also the region you live in, you could compare prices but seek a reputable certified physician to promote a better outcome.

Is Botox Cosmetic Expensive?

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Botox prices are charged by the unit and range from about $10-14 per unit in most areas when performed by an experienced injector. The total cost depends upon the number of areas treated and amount of Botox needed to adequately treat the area. The lowest dose I occasionally see is about 8 units for treatment of the forehead to 60+ units for more comprehensive facial Botox treatment. Typically this results in a range of cost from about $100 - 750 in our practice depending upon the patient's anatomy and goals of treatment. The effects last about 3-4 months in most people as long as an adequate amount of Botox was used. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Is Botox expensive

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Botox can be priced per unit, or per location. You will find varying prices, usually depending on the person's level of experience, as well as the concentration of the Botox. So, you can probably find Botox for as cheap as $99 - but it will be minimally effective and a waste of your money. For an effective treatment expect to spend several hundred dollars and up, and visit a board-certified injector who will be using and pricing the Botox correctly.

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That is a great question! In the long term it is a great way to prevent the fine lines from turning into something deeper so you can essentially slow the aging process. Botox is always best to start early so you stay ahead of the game. Your average pricing can range from $10-14 a unit.

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