How Expensive is It to Correct a Stretched Areola After Mastoplexy?

I had a breast augmentation with a mastoplexy to lift on one side in 2004. The areola on the lifted side stretched. I believe I have 325cc's on the lifted side and 150cc's saline on the other. I am now even in size, like the shape (I'm tall, so size is good). The lifted size has ever so slightly more droop, although not droopy, both pretty perky. I think that's due to the areola stretching. How expensive/what is approx. cost, to have areola made smaller if that is all that needs to be done?

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Is cost the #1 factor in surgery for stretched areola surgery?

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Sure, the cost of health care is to be considered and one, not even a very important one, factor in making a decision regarding revision plastic surgery.  Have consults, look at photos and see if you can make a connection with a surgeon.  Look into credentials and board certification.  For a surgeon to do local anesthesia surgery for less that one or two thousand dollars is unlikely.  But it shouldn't be much ore than that for a Bennelli mastopexy under local.  

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Cost of revision breast lift

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Depending on the type of breast lift you had and suture material used, areola spreading can occur.   It sounds as though you had a fair amount of asymmetry in your breast prior to the original surgery.   

If you are happy with your breast size, and you're only concerned about the areola size and overall shape of the breast, then a revision breast lift is all you need.

I would recommend reconsultation with your original surgeon to determine the best approach.   In addition, surgeons often give discounted fees for their own revision, but not for another surgeon's revision.

If only a small amount of breast skin needs to be removed, an office procedure can be performed at the cost of the supplies and your surgeon's fee.

If breast tissue must be reshaped or a significant amount of skin be removed, then it is best to perform the procedure safely in an accredited surgery facility.   This will require additional facility and anesthesia costs which vary widely from center to center and geographic region.

I wish you a safe and happy recovery

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Revisions after breast augmentation

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small revisions after breast augmentation and mastopexy may be done under local anesthesia with minimal costs. Each board certified plastic surgeon would have their own prices for doing this for you. It is cheaper if an anesthesiologist is not required. In general the cost should be $300 to $500 if the procedure can be done under local in the office.

Good Luck,

Leo Lapuerta MD

Triple Board Recertified Plastic Surgeon

Leo Lapuerta, MD
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Mastopexy Revision - Enlarged Areola

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Hi Lori8264,

Costs range tremendously from one region of the country to another, and even within a given region.  So you'll have to go around to a few plastic surgeons near you to get and idea of what it would be for you.  In New York, a revision of the areola would most likely cost between about $3500 and $6500, depending on exactly what has to be done, anesthesia, etc.

And that's an important point:  you have to be sure it CAN be revised simply.  Sometimes it's more involved that you might think or hope, particularly if a circumareolar incision alone was used to perform the mastopexy.  In that case, it may require more repositioning of the tissue that you'd like in order to make the areola smaller.

At any rate, you're better off getting an opinion from someone who can see you in person.  And then you can check the prices!

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Areola size

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Changing the areoal size is fairly straighforward and may even be able to performed under straight local anesthesia.  Hard to tell you the fee without an exam.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Revision breast augmentation breast lift

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Depending on the type of lift you had before, stretch of the areola is not uncommon. Especially with the around the nipple lift relapse and spread of the nipple results as the implant puts pressure behind. It is possible to revise the lift and reduce the areolar size, and sometimes a vertical pattern will provide better support and prevent spreading. The place to start is to ask your surgeon who may be most willing to adjust your result at 'cost'.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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