Should we be expecting better results 5 months post circumferential lower body lift? What to do about legs? (photos)

I am a P/T and Nutritionist. client start @264 lbs - n 13 mo on a gd nut.low fat, low gly. fd plan lost 110 lbs. has had masto& brachio 1.5 yrs ago. 5 mo post op from TT/low body circum. body lift. not thrilled w/the result of the TT. has upper distention that goes hard&soft on dly basis. swollen? Fluid buildup? Fat? The doc has sug lipo n the upper area. Is this solution? What wud ur reco b? The legs have loose skin. wud client benefit from a thigh lift? She has varicosities & I have concerns of pot edema. What do u reco

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Can This Result Be Improved?

   It looks to me like you have come a long way from your pre-weight loss photos. I think you look great! I've been performing outpatient body lifting surgery since 1997 and I think one of the most important things you can tell a patient is that: Revisional surgery is very common. An exam would be needed, but we may be able to further tighten the abdomen with a vertical excision with or without more horizontal skin excision. liposuction can be helpful in thinning the flaps further if needed. The outer thigh area can be very frustrating and liposuction with or without further skin resection through the lateral thigh incision is an option. I agree with the other doctors that a vertical medial thighlift is needed with thigh liposuction, but I would also consider the inner thigh horizontal incision at the same time to give you maximum lifting and tightening. All this being said, you have a wonderful result and you need to weight the benefits of improving what you have already accomplished versus the additional time, money and risks of more surgery. I would suggest that you meet with your surgeon to discuss your concerns and ask for options. Good luck. #Dr.Gervais.

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Medial thigh

I agree with Dr Shifrin,
the result is a dramatic improvement.  There is some residual abdominal laxity that could be further tightened through revision and an additional vertical scar (or fleur de lis) pattern.  The thigh laxity will be best addressed through a medial vertical scar.  I feel that a transverse scar, though well hidden, will not allow enough tissue redundancy to be removed.  I typically do liposuction in conjunction with these procedures.  Additionally, better shaping of the gluteal region can be achieved with fat grafting.  See your board certified plastic surgeon to further discuss.

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Body Lift Results

The results from the photos are good. The excess inner thigh skin needs to be removed with a vertical thigh lift (scar on the inside seem of the thigh). I like to combine liposuction of the entire leg at the same time for maximum results. The lateral thigh saddle bag can be improved at the same surgery by repeating the lateral thigh lift portion of the body lift. It's not uncommon for the lateral thigh saddle bag skin to drop again after the initial body lift. 


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