Am I Experiencing The Expected Swelling 4 Weeks Post Septorhinoplasty?

Hi, I am 4 weeks post op from Septorhinoplasty with Bilateral outfracture of turbinates/closed. i believe there was a also a graft involved. I had nasal padding only on one side. The opposite side of my nose from where the padding was is way more swolen. Also it seems the cheek on that side is more swolen still. the swelling goes 3/4 ways up nose to bridge and side. breathing tough, but better every day. My nose seems to bend towards the side where the swelling is most prevalent. is this normal?

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Swelling 4 Weeks after Septorhinoplasty

Your swelling does sound a little excessive, but certainly within the norm. The most important fact is that it is improving. Be patient and share your concerns with your surgeon.  

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