Expected Results from Orbital Decompression? (photo)

i was born with bugling eyes,it is eyeballs bugling i guess that the curve of my eyeballs is high that it bugle outside my head in side profile ,would orbital decompression lessen the curve of my eyeball to be more flator would it change my eyes from almond shapes -due to eye bugling-to round shape like in picture below.

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Bulging eyes

Orbital decompression is a pretty big surgery with many possible complications. There are other options to improve your eye appearance. Have you considered implants around the eyes? Midfacial implants can lessen the bulging appearance by building up the tissues surrounding the eyeballs. The incidence of complications is much less with this type of surgery. You can also try fillers for the same effect before you commit to surgery.

Fresno Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Cosmetic Orbital Decompression

    While the surgery could be performed it is not without a host of attendant risks.  This, at best, would produce minimal improvement, because you have only a mild form of bulging eyeballs.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Expected Results from Orbital Decompression? (photo)

Based on the posted photos you are NOT a candidate for orbital decompression surgery. You need to realize you have a "minor" eyeball bulge that having a very detailed long surgery would be fruitless. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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