Is It Expected for the Surgeon to Pay for Their Own Revision Only Involving Shaving Down the Remainder of the Nasal Hump?

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Fee for revision surgery by original surgeon varies

Experienced rhinoplasty surgeons have a 10-15% revision or touchup rate.  Most surgeons perform their touchups at little or no cost to the patient by waiving the surgeon’s fee and consider it as part of the primary procedure. 

Whether there is a charge for operating room or anesthesia varies with each office.  In our office we do not charge for a touchup revision rhinoplasty on one of our own patients.  However, patients are responsible for the anesthesia costs for a touchup procedure, which is $195 and is paid to the anesthesia service office.

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Who pays for revision surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgeons each have their own policy, so it's good to ask beforehand. Frequently the surgeon will wave his fee. However the anesthetic and facility fees are often the responsibility of the patient. If the facility is owned by the surgeon, this too may be waved.

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Revision Fees


Depending on what needs to be revised, usually surgeon will only charge a facility fee and not a professional fee. But each surgeon has his/her own policy.



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Revision Fees

I would defer to your PS office policies. In my practice, patients do pay for revision procedures. Typically, the fees are greatly reduced but with any procedure, including revisions, there are costs involved; staff, disposable items, anesthesia etc...

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