Are These Expectations Realistic For Facial Fullness? (photo)

The first two photos are of me and the last 2 is the type of result i'm looking for, of course I don't it expect it to look exactly like that. I've been recommended buccal fat removal, lipo under the chin and fat grafting to the undereye "apple" of cheek area (seems a bit much). I am a healthy/slim weight and pretty young 20.I like having a full face I just wish it was full in the right places and had better shape.

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Are These Expectations Realistic For Facial Fullness?

Aesthetically speaking, IMHO I think that you can get a similar shape to your face but not with those procedures.  Your lower face appears to have excess fat that would require micro-liposuction to thin and shape.  The anterior cheeks appear flat and IMHO, Cheek Implants are light years more reliable in shaping the cheeks than fat transfer.  Buccal fat removal, IMO, shopuld not be done as it causes mid to lower cheek hollowness later in life.  

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